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Lesson Outline

Lesson One: Setting up the Database and Web Application
Setup SQL Database to interact with Microsoft Membership Provider
Setup initial user login details within the database
Setup other tables and stored procedures required for the application
Setup Roles which will be used by the Membership Provider
Create the initial web application project.
Lesson Two: Creating Login Functionality
Update Web.config to allow the SQL Database to interact with the Membership Provider
Implement login functionality
Implement Login validation
Stylize Login
Implement Login auditing.
Lesson Three: Account Management
Create change question and answer page for password recovery
Create password recovery page with professional stylization
Implementing email notifications for password recovery
Create change password page with professional stylization.
Lesson Four: User Management
Create Maintenance page to list Users
Add, Update and Delete Users
Approve application access, set roles
Implement simple and advanced search functionality
Export User details.
Lesson Five: Maintenance Pages
Create Maintenance page that utilises popup screens
Lesson Six: Maintenance Pages
Implement data driven menu system
Implement security parameters to determine which menus can be accessed by role
Implement security parameters to determine which functions within maintenance screens can be accessed by role
Create roles.
Lesson Seven: User Monitoring
List who is online
Provide system notifications to Users
Display User status and support details.
Lesson Eight: Third Party Controls
Develop a maintenance screen using DevExpress controls
Implement Master-Detail list
Implement data grouping
Implement enhanced search facilities and other display functions
Implement child maintenance
Implement enhanced menu system.
Lesson Nine: Deploying the Application
Set up development and release environments
Transferring database to your host server
Creating you FTP account
Creating virtual application folder
Publishing the application.